If the time has arisen whereby you need to move from one place to another, one thing you may have to fulfill in your rental agreement is that the property needs to be cleaned. If you feel that you cannot do the cleaning by yourself, then you may want to hire a good vacate cleaning company. The property may need to be cleaned to a good standard. You can find vacate cleaning or end-of-lease cleaning companies in Perth and Melbourne, carefully select the one that will work best for you.

How much will they charge?

This is a very important point. Ask the company how much they will charge. Also, ask them if they are any hidden costs that are present during vacate cleaning services. You can check online how much different cleaners charge in Melbourne and Perth or wherever you stay. You should not just choose a particular vacate cleaning company because it is charging you the least. Look to see if the company is cheaply priced, incompetent as well as unreliable. You do not want this. You do not want cleaners that cut corners as well as underperform. Therefore be alert of cheap priced quotes. See everything that they offer. Quotes are different by the house’s size plus how much work will occur.

Check what the vacate cleaning service includes

See what the cleaners include in the package. Check if they will include the doors, windows, carpet steam cleaning along with walls, etc. Check if they have everything that you want to be cleaned included in the package. Whichever package you get to check what is included and what is not included.

Ask around

You can ask people who you work with or relatives who have hired a particular vacate cleaning company about which one turned out to be good. You can ask them what things to consider before choosing a cleaner and whether their cleaner did a good job. You can ask around for good vacate cleaning companies in Perth and Melbourne.

Check online

Checking reviews of vacate cleaners in Perth or companies in the area that you stay may help you out. You can do this online, but be sure that the review is not fake or written by the company itself. Do not get fooled by what some vacate cleaning services say on their websites. They may be trying to promote their business.

Get a tax receipt

If you have a tax receipt from the particular vacate cleaning company when they have completed the job, you can show this to your real estate agent. This can be proof that you actually hired professionals to clean the place.


These cleaning companies in Perth are present and available. Check out the one that is suited to your needs. Look carefully at what they offer you and do not waste money by choosing the wrong one. You may want to ask around from others who have hired vacate cleaning Perth companies or ones in Melbourne or wherever you stay. This may give you an idea of how the cleaners functioned and whether they presented problems.