You can find stretch wrap online which is a plastic film that cover some items to prevent dust or improving esthetical manner. This tool is available in an affordable price on the market. Sometimes, people use this film to seal the displayed product or to cover some fresh fruit on the refrigerator.  However, you will also need this stuff when you are moving to a new home. Here are the uses of this elastic film:

  1. Cover the Jewelry displays

The jewelry display on the wall may become beautiful and attractive decoration. Instead of packing those bracelets and necklaces away, you can simply wrap the display. This way, the process should be more effective and efficient.

  1. Wrap Drawers and Paintings

Do you have a painting displayed? No worries about their packaging for moving purpose. Using stretch wrap, especially the one that has 80-gauge size, you can easily move the drawers and paintings very well. As a result, your paintings will be protected from dust and any other possible dirty.

  1. Pack Long Items Effectively

Bundling curtain rods, broom and many other long items using stretch wrap is the effective way to moving them at once. In this case, you make them faster and easier to carry at anytime you want.

  1. Bottles Wrapped

Some bottles need to wrap. It is because bottles usually contains drinks and other items you eat. Let’s say, is syrup bottle, jam’s bottle, beers, etc. If you let them naked while moving, there is a huge possibilities for them to get polluted by dust. Resulting in unhealthy food to consume.

  1. Bundling Kitchen Tools

Bundling some spoons together will be good idea though. you can easily carry them in a nice packaging and be free of dust. You can also bundle other items on the kitchen with this elastic film or packing tape such as this brand.

  1. Electric cords

Some electric items like phone charger, DVD, and other electronics facilities can be less functional if there is a dust com inside the machine. Therefore, the use of stretch wrap will be very useful to prevent this happen.

  1. Covering Furniture

Pillows and many other furniture items are important to stay clean. If you have leather furniture, wrapping this film will be the ultimate protection for this. Some people usually use the big size layer to cover those, but it is worth of money.

  1. Unite writing equipment

Pencils, pens, eraser and other writing equipment your son brought to school regularly are sometimes missing when you are moving. Instead of packing them one by one, you can unite those writing equipment in one wrapping. So that, it makes you easier to carry out the some small items like that at once.

  1. Bundle Book Collection

Books are usually missing if you put it one by one while moving. Instead of doing this, you can classify the type of books and bundle them at once. For instance, you bundle all comics in one wrapping, other bundles are reference books, magazine, etc. This action not only makes the book protected from missing. It also makes you easier to put the book into the new bookshelves in better classification.

All those items are important things you can put into the stretch wrap protection. However, you can use this elastic plastic to cover other items needed.  Also check this option for steel strapping, another option worth checking online.